Time is money. The less lead time, the more competitive.

We are very fast mould maker in China, as we have a SOLUTION for normal mould and urgent mould manufacturing.

How to save time as a fast mould maker?

  1. We purchase material first during 3D mould design, once you place order and say it is urgent. When the money comes in our bank, the steel of core and cavity is machining in our factory.
  2. Make sure there is no waste time to wait for machine, it is mean the steel will be machining without any waiting.
  3. Takes care for risking of project. Maybe need to purchase extra steel for accident.

Let the projects say story :

26 work days of T0 for 550 x 600 mm mould with 16 sliders

The part is simple, but it is not small mould. What is more, there are 16 pcs slider. We need to make mould trial in very short time, as it is very urgent and important for customer. The key is ensuring the sliders moving well and it really does.

“You are the very fast mould maker in China, I like it”, Jerry said when he is seeing mould trial in here.

Feel free to contact us now if you have urgent project.

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