Mould Precision Co., Ltd. is a professional plastic mold manufacturer, with over 10 years ‘experience for mold design and manufacturing, and exports thousands of plastic injection molds to all around the world.

Professional Service:

The real problem make business with China mold maker is that, sale English is good but bad in technology, the engineer is good for technology but bad for English either. You must pay much cost with big factory, and pay much more time with small one.

It is no problem for us. All our staff work in big factory before, we have train for both sales and engineer.

From RFQ, PLACE ORDER, MOLD DESIGN, MOLD MANUFACTURING, WEEKLY REPORT, MOLD TRIAL to SHIPPING, it is smooth and happy. As a Professional China mold manufacturer, Easy is simple. Simple is success!

In a word, the mold making is an experience business, whatever mold design, mold manufacturing or shipping.

For product developer:

You will get best solution for Prototyping, Type of Mold Manufacturing and Molding Production.

For molds trader:

We will offer you better price, good quality and short lead time for molds making.