We offer custom plastic moulding services, any quantity is welcome, and the capability is from 60 to 1800 ton.

You will get high quality plastic moulding product, with satisfy service from Plastic Selected, Free Sample Test, Spot Check and Painting or Ultrasonic Welding etc., when you put moulding production in here.

The variety of plastic resin material is:

General Grades:

ABS, FR-ABS(Straex VE-0860T, GE FR15U, Chi Mei 757), PC(GE Lexan 925A, Makrolon6555,ChiMei PC122), PC+ABS, PMMA, PP, HIPS, PE(HDPE,MDPE,LDPE).

Engineering Grades:

PA12(Grilamid TR55), PA66(Dupont Zytel Rynite132F,KOPA KN333G30), TPE(GLS CL2242,),TPR,TPU, PPS(Fortron 0220A9 130A64), LCP(Ticona Vectra A700), PEEK(VICTREX 450G), PSU(UDEL P-1700), POM(Ticona Celcon M90), PVDF(Kynar 720, 740, Solef 6010), PET(Eastman Durastar MN631), PBT(Dupont Crastin 6130, LANXESS POCAN B 3235 901510).

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