Mould Making in China, export moulds to Euro & America.

We have rich experience for plastic injection mould making service, with LKM, HASCO or DME standard, and Specification of Customer requirement. 90% of mould exports to Euro and North America.

Mould Making Service:

We are capability for mould making from Class 105 mould for prototyping and low volume runs, to Class 101 mould capable of millions of cycles. All SPI Mould Specifications is welcome.

When you hand mould making to us, you’re getting a quality mould with a solid reputation behind it. Our facility and our team’s talent can only be described as cutting edge — intelligent, creative and responsive.

Mould Making Information:

Mould Units: Metric Mould, Inch Mould

Mould Steel:

  • LKM: LKM2344, LKM838H, LKM2311, LKM2312, LKM718H, LKM738H
  • ASSAB (Sweden): IMPAX718H, STAVAX S136, STAVAX S136H
  • DAIDO (Japan): PX88, NAK55, NAK80. DC11, DC53
  • FINKL (America): P20HH, P20LQ, H13
  • AUBERT & DUVAL (France): ADC3, SMV3W

Mould Base: DME, HASCO, LKM, China
Standard Parts: DME, HASCO, LKM
Polishing/Texture: SPI, VDI 3400, Mould-TECH, YS
Moulded Tolerance: +- 0.01mm
Mould Size: Up to 10 ton
Lead Time: 2-10 weeks

Our engineers and mould maker have decades of experience in producing close-tolerance, highly-complex mould. That experience, precision and expertise means we can fabricate moulds – from simple to extremely intricate. Such as multi-cavity mould, multi-sliders mould, unscrew mould, insert mould and over mould etc.

Mould Trial

We have in-house mould trial from 100 ton to 450 ton press. We integrate professional mould trial factory for special project, such as PVC, POM plastic, Clear Part, or Larger plastic. All of the plastic injection moulds is well organized to put on storage after mould trial.

Mould Maintenance

For easy and better to mould change or maintenance, we will packing mould well and delivered mould with 2D/3D design drawings, NC programming data contained in a CD. EDM copper, interchangeable inserts, wearing parts etc. are packing well and shipping with mould.

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