Precision Machining, the Key for quality mould making.

Precision machine is by high speed CNC, Slow-WEDM, Mirror EDM, CNC-lathe etc. The machined tolerance could be  + – 0.005 mm.

Here is a precision machining China project for reference.

The key is not only reach tolerance require, but also ensure it must be Parallel and Concentric. In order to assembly and moving well. The steel is S136, very good for high polishing. (Inspection Report of Core Pins.)

Here is a other precision machining China project for reference.

It looks very simple part, but it is very difficult. As the inner diameter is only ⌀2 mm for Mirror Polishing. What is more, there is a R 0.75 mm inside of bottom. It is the most important and difficult.

More projects Precision Machining Teeth or Precision Machining Pins for reference.

Contact us, and we let you know how to machined it.

precision machine project - Precision Machining

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