Precision machining pins

Precision machining pins is precision machined insert pins. It could be cores, core pins or cavity pins.

core pin - Precision machining pins

Product Details:

  • Product: Precision machining pins
  • Machined: Lathe first
  • Machined teeth: Milling
  • Standard: Straight teeth
  • Steel: S136
  • Moulded Plastic: PC
  • Spec.: Machined Φ0.01 mm
  • Dimensions: Φ30 X 167.70 mm
  • Mould size: 300 X 300 x 400 mm
  • Tolerance: +/-0.01 mm
  • QTY: 5 pcs
  • Lead time: 2 weeks

Precision machining pins

Mould Precision Co., Ltd. is a high quality precision machining maker in China, with rich experience in machining for gears, core pins and strip etc., with competitive price and on time deliver.

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