Product developing-Electronic Shell

Electronic Shell is most popular in plastic injection mould manufacturing.

When the human consider to use stone as a tool for survival, it seems that they get a little smart. ancestors  lived in eras  we call the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Glass, Metal, Chinese and Plastic takes more and more important in people life.

dell - Product developing-Electronic Shelliphone7 - Product developing-Electronic Shellsterilizer - Product developing-Electronic Shellsurface2 - Product developing-Electronic Shell

You could see Plastic in any where in daily life. From morning brush your teeth, the toothbrush is injection molding part. Such as washbasin, comb, hair dryer, switch and remote control etc. People can’t live without plastic.

Electronic products is more and more popular in modern society. Iphone, Ipad, Headsets, Surface, Computer and Laptop etc. Most of them has plastic shell. There are many technology for surface finish. Such as polishing, painting, printing and coating etc, but just one or two plastic material for it. ABS or PC, OR ABS with PC. It is usually Flame retardant one.

So there are many Electronic shell in mould making, the following is just one project for reference:

cap drawing - Product developing-Electronic Shell cover drawing - Product developing-Electronic Shell housing drawing1 - Product developing-Electronic Shell housing drawing assembly1 - Product developing-Electronic Shell


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