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Exhalefans-bladeless fan-Your idea in real!

Exhalefans is the first to bring bladeless technology to the ceiling fan market. We bring the comfort you desire, as well as the sophisticated design, that removes the eyesore associated with bladed ceiling fans.

Now, instead of that gust in the center of the room, that never reaches the corners, imagine a gentle breeze, quiet as a whisper, that glides over every inch of the room…as if the windows were open to the cool morning air.

The Exhale is meant to be run all-day, every-day to create a level of comfort you can’t get from a bladed ceiling fan.  It works best when used in conjunction with air conditioning or heating systems, ultimately reducing the load on these devices and saving you MONEY!

Congratulation for Exhalefans innovate product successful, it is Pre-Order Now!

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When compared with a bladed fan, the Exhale ceiling fan has a much smaller overall footprint (34″ diameter).

Supplied with normal AC house circuits, using Exhale’s high-efficiency DC motor, the calculated CFM at high speed is 3,186, or 91 CFM/watt. You can expect to see 50%-80% reductions in the wattage required compared to a traditional bladed fan.

Exhale Fans bring balance to your home or office efficiently and cost effectively mixing the floor to ceiling, wall to wall air with uniform temperature and a gentle breeze.

The wireless remote control allows the user to set fan speed and lighting.

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