New opportunity of China mould maker?

What is new the opportunity of China mould maker?

Let’s looking for the new opportunity of China mould maker in history, present and future.

1. History

The history of mould industry developing just like China Economy developing. Yangtze River Delta economic circle and Pearl River Delta economic circle could represent the mould industry. China reform and opening up and technology importation policy make GDP increase fast. It is the time for China to learn and study technology and management.

The first cooperation is Joint Venture. Foreign country company offer Technology, Equipment and Management, but China company offer Factory, Low labor cost and Attraction policy for tax and Improve traffic. The first company is Germany, Japan, Hongkong and Taiwan.

2. Present

After 30+ years’ developing, China mould manufacturers have learn and get engineering and mould making skills well. The engineer, toolmaker who work in a joint venture company has go out to operation mould machine shop. There are lots of workshop like flower open in Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. It is the time to get money, it is called “Xiahai” in 80s.
Now there are Joint Venture, Sole Corporation, Private Company and Mouldshop in mould industry in China. Many Company become bigger than bigger, they are the first team, leader and mark of China mould maker, such as ACE-Mould, TK-Group and Eva-Group. The second one is like HYS, BlueStar, Jabil-Greenpoint etc. All world top 500 or country top 50 make cooperation with them. Many Mouldshop disappear and re-founded in these year. Also there will be new mouldshop or company set up, as lots of people like to make business by themselves.

3. Future

In recent years, it is difficult time for all world Economy, so as China. It is hard than hard to make business. The internet help the business develop before, but now is a problem. As the profit is less than less, but the cost is more and more, especial for labor cost. What is the future like?
The mould industry is the Matrix of industries. Industry always play an important in Country Economy. In other think, difficult is challenge. Change to hold the future.
Professional because of focus. Many mould manufacturers focus on special mould, or moulding for special part, such as precision mould, larger mould, or Medical mould like dust-free workshop. For the small company, they has no invest and capability for it, but they has not disappear. What happen?

4. New opportunity!

Integration is the new opportunity of China mould maker, integrate the mould making Elements,  hold the future, such as CNC Machine Workshop, EDM Machine Workshop, Wire-Cut Machine Workshop and Mould Trial Factory etc, they put the core on manage and cost saving. We offer best price and service for mould making for all over world’s customer.

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