Advantage of China mould

The advantage of China mould is not only low price, but also good quality and service.China mould industry is growing well with China Economic.

Advantage of China mould?

1. Good Price

As we all know, China cost is low in pass. As there are low cost for Material, Processing and Labor Cost. The material is including, mould base, steel for core and cavity, slider and lifter etc, and mould component etc.

There are lots of mould making element shop, we work hard to integrate the elements of mould making. CNC Workshops, EDM Workshops, Injection Moulding Workshops and Professional Mould Trial Factories etc.

Integration is best solution for better price offer with good quality and on time deliver.

2. Good Quality

As we all know, Quality is the life of company.  Mould making is the “experience” work, everything is based on experience. China mould has grow over 30 years old. They lean well from Master of Hongkong, Taiwan and Germany etc.

The good quality is up to Mould design, Material, Processing and Management. All is follow experience and grow better than better.

3. On Time Deliver

The most issue happen in mould making in China is delay. There will be delay if it has not good management and system. It is better to make a solution for urgent project. Most delay is happen as urgent project go ahead, it put all other normal one back.

Suggestion: Just ask what is the solution for solve delay problem. Now most China mould maker could offer On time deliver. Or it will be taken off.

4. Satisfy Service

Issue: It is no problem to speak English with Sales of China mould maker. But it is a little difficult to Engineer.

Suggestion:  Make a draft, photos or picture.  It is easy and efficient.

5. Chose the Right China mould maker

Many China mould maker focus on special only one type mould making, like precision mould, such as connector. Other for large mould, like housing wash machine. There are lots of mould maker make normal mould. So if you make special part, just find out mould maker who make mould for special part.

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