5 tips for mold delay

Delay is time and time happen in Mold making, specially around China New Year. It will be very a big problem, if you have no idea or solution to do with it. Here it is 5 tips to Avoid and Solve mold delay.

Communication is through project operation. How to make Effective Communication with you supplier and Partner? It is not only by mail, but also by phone, drawing, photos, video etc. Photo could say more and real than word, so do video. My friend, Tom, has to come to China before in order to on time deliver. Unlucky, it is still delay, luckily he has a experience for China Spring Festival!

1. Lost Time

In order to find out reason for delay, why not find out where it lost time? As we know, the project will be design, Processing and Packing, So it is better to cut apart. So that it is easy to know where lost time. Many customer lost time in mold design, if they work with new supplier. As it need time for know and work well with each other. Just clear where lost time. Mold Design, Mold Processing, Sample Approved and Mold Packing and Shipping.

2. Mold Design

Supplier will offer DFM after you place order. It must be including Plastic Shrink, Part Line, Gate Location, Ejector System and Cooling System etc. You could offer other information later, such as color, surface finish and packing.

Clear your require and confirm basic information. Quotation is usually including some information, such as size of mold base, cold or hot runner, Steel for core and cavity, Cavity number etc. But it is just for reference. Mold building will be based on DFM. It takes about 1-3 days for DFM design. It will takes more time if it is large and complex mold. At that time, you need to ask supplier ask for their Engineer Director to assistant ASAP.

3. Mold Process

When you get Mold Process Schedule, it is not mean that there is no delay. Everything is change during processing. Maybe some mold put in front of yours. It is usually happen. Special in around China New Year. Everyone want fast, but factory capability is enough.

Ask your supplier what real manufacturing capability now. Is it the project urgent or not? Just keep Reserved Time is not enough. Maybe you need to pay a little more or pay all money in one time with order, and ask the supplier take it as hurry as possible.

BTW, it is better offer a copy of bank slip after finish deposit of payment. So that supplier could purchase mold base, steel for core and cavity and other material as early as possible.

Don’t forget to ask Weekly Report if the supplier forget to send. Sometime, photo can’t not say really, at that time, you need to ask a video.

4. Sample Approved

It takes about 3 work days for sample deliver usually. Pls check by tracking number. Take it and talk with your engineer. Ask for Inspection Report if it require. It could make photo or just video if it is simple project. Let’s supplier confirm it when it is urgent.

5. Mold Packing and Shipping

Clear your packing require with supplier, not just painting. Rob has pay money for it before. He ask supplier plated zinc for mold surface. They forget to do it, so he must make it in local. And it takes too much cost.

Sometime, there is some change in factory. The supplier don’t let customer know. Such as employee outflow or plant integration, it always make delay .Wait or Change supplier, it is difficult to make decision. What do you think?

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