Save 30% mould making cost? Are you kidding?

Most customer outsource mould to China is consider low cost. The time of windfall profit of mould making is gone, the cost is very clear. What is more, the cost of China is increase year by year.

In order to save cost, you should cosider use exchange inserts mould instead for normal moulds, use family mould instead for over mould, and use Mud mould instead for normal moulds.

The cost of mould making could be considering two parts.

1. The project itself

Consider the same mould drawing, take a simple mould as example, ABS plate part, LKM mould base, 150 x 150 mm, without slider or lifter, 1 cavity, two plate mould, direct gate, P20 for core and cavity, normal ejector pin, cold runner, 400# paper sand for polishing. What is the price?

It is mould, the cost is 1500$, the price could be 2000$, 3000$ or 5000$.

2. The mould maker itself

The mould making cost formula could be:
COST=30% mould material + 50% processing + 10% design + 10% other

We are not big factory, with no many machines. The cost of machining and factory operation is 50-60% of mould making. As we all know, the machining cost is high when it is busy, but low when it is not busy.

We integrate the elements of mould making, which has good machine capability and with good price.
We save cost for machining and factory operation. That is the reason why we could save you Max 30% mould making cost.