what is part line?

What is part line?

Part line is most import for mold design, it is the core and key for mold design. Here is some tips, good idea and bad idea for part line.

Mold Designer should offer Part Line in DFM before mold design to customer, whatever it is asked or not. It should give advice if has better idea. as shown in figure 3.2.13.

pl01 - what is part line?

The tips for Part Line:

1. The location of Part Line should consider the surface finish require. It should be avoid in visible surface if possible, as shown in figure 3.2.14.

pl02 - what is part line?

2.  Put in line require and easy dislocation parts in one side of Part Line, as shown in figure 3.2.15.

pl03 - what is part line?

3. Consider the draft angle will effect difference of big and small size of part, as shown in figure 3.2.16.

pl04 - what is part line?

4.  Determine the orientation of the adhesive in the mold so that the parting surface shall be prevented from producing side holes or side holes as much as possible, avoid make mold building in complex, as shown in figure 3.2.17.

pl05 - what is part line?


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