We offer MoldFlow analysis service for:

MoldFlow analysis service is the tool used to simulate the plastic injection process, to see how changes affect manufacturability. It is in order to Validate & Optimize it is best solution of mold design, by predict and find out potential mold design issues, improve product quality, save cost and time due to late mold changes.

What we need to run MoldFlow analysis:

  • 3D CAD model (.IGES, .STEP or any other CAD format files)
  • The injection gate infomation including size, number and location
  • Material property

What we provide on MoldFlow project:

  • A full standard Moldflow analysis report
  • The detailed analysis results including: filling time, clamp force, warpage, weldline, temperature, etc.
  • Project description and Moldflow input information
  • Summary, conclusion, comments and suggestions
  • Colorful images and animation files


MPMFR100112.19 13 Halter V1 - MoldFlow Analysis

MoldFlow could find out Injection molding problems, such as welding line, wrapping, warping, deformation etc. earlier. Pls click here to download the complete MoldFlow project.


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