Part surface finish is more and more important

It is the see “face time”. What is you part surface finish? It is the key that you product successful or not. Such as Iphone.

There are many ways for surface finish. Such as, Texure, Polising, Plating and Painting etc., after that there are many ways too. For example, Pad Printing,Hot Stamping, Ultrasonic Welding, Bright Zinc Plating and Water-transfer printing etc.

painting 300x227 - Part surface finish is more and more important plastic moulded part1 300x227 - Part surface finish is more and more important

Need touch feeling?

It is now a time of aggressive application demands of injection molded parts, as project buyers ask for more of surface effect to convince end buyers. Just picture how effectively Iphone’s tight cosmetic surface finish, effect has delighted its end buyers,naturally the demands in surface roughness level, has to undergo certain changes in face of fierce end supply battles.So now for moldmakers, it is not about how to mold a plastic part, it is about how good a plastic part can be molded visually. Hence, we would like to give solutions on connective mould making techniques.

Need good looking?

When it comes to surface finish grade(surface SPI), only if it was stated clearly early on, most of mould makers wouldn’t give mould buyers detailed information, in terms of level in surface roughness on molds or on injection molded parts, which always ends up a waste of time in re-negotiation, and mold fixing later on, that should had been settled early on. In addition, even for those who knows injection mould making well could not control the ideal results, because in mold making process, mould makers usually tend to look for shortcuts for savings on material, manufacturing time and manufacturing processes, in this way, good results are inevitably relied on odds.

SPI is better for looking, but VDI 3400 is better for touch feeling.

Then it is time to decide the machining method, to approach excellent performances for injection molded parts. Most of us may focus on gate type, cooling system,stripper plate and runner type.But Three Plastic has been focusing on EDM control by replace copper electrode with graphite electrode to prolong mold life and add performance, graphite is the best material for detailed electrode corrosion, which can withstand extremely high temperature and with low consumption in EDM process,after setup,work piece can be successfully created with high dimensional tolerance and expectant surface finish roughness in core and cavity.

In the application of graphite electrodes,EDM process time reduces by 2 to 3 times shorter.After machining,there is no undercut on the smooth&precise graphite piece,and its low thermal conductivity loss guarantees the process rapidly done in one time at elimination of extra manual labor. The best part out of this special technique is that accuracy and polish are strictly under control.

Moreover,we are blessed that two of our well trained quality check professionals guard surface treatment procedure daily to meet all buyer’s demands,our seniors have been dealing with various kinds of finish grades for a decade.By their effort,we seized the opportunities to develop molds for SONY,HITACHI,PANASONIC,etc.

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