How to bring new products and inventions to life

Ever wonder how a great new idea goes from concept to the store shelf? Everyone has a great idea, but those that take the steps to make their vision a reality can be set for life with the invention of the right product. The success is of a new product is dependent on the combination of a great design that people love and finding a unique way to market it. Bringing a successful new product to the market breaks down to a series of predictable steps.

The Concept

The most widely received products are those that are fun, solve a problem, or make it easier for people to accomplish something they’re already doing. When designing the concept on paper, try to think about it will be manufactured.

During the concept phase it’s important to make a list of ways in which the product will be used so that the custom plastic molding manufacturer can suggest the best types of material for the construction of the end product. With plastics alone, there are more than 40,000 grades of resin that each creates a different quality of plastic

Making a prototype

After you’ve designed your product idea on paper, it it’s time to bring it to life with a prototype. You may be able to find some parts off the shelf, but other may require custom plastic molding. Many people never get past the concept stage because they don’t know how to approach a company for a prototype. Manufacturing sourcing companies like NWPA Source act as a liaison between you and finding the right type of company to create your prototype

Your product may need custom plastic molding, high quality precision tooling, or hard milling to bring it to life. Different types of manufacturing company offer different services, which the sourcing company will help you to identify. With a prototype in hand and your custom plastic mold ready to manufacture more, you can start working on creative distribution channels.

Marketing the Product

The creative marketing process is as different as each individual product. The goal is to get your product in front of as many people as possible and creativity is the key. It may mean hiring a product broker like the inventor of a kitchen gadget that landed on the Home Shopping Network. It might be closing a licensing deal like Brian Walker who landed an exclusive deal with Disney to sell is now famous light chaser toy at Disney Theme Parks

product drawing - How to bring new products and inventions to life product12 - How to bring new products and inventions to life product mold - How to bring new products and inventions to life product11 - How to bring new products and inventions to life

You may choose to try and sell the product based on the custom plastic molding design and prototype, or actually begin production and packaging of the product before hand depending on how you plan to market the product.

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