How do solve Venting Problem

How do solve Venting Problem of moulding defection

Venting Problem usually make plastic parts burned black. Add core or cavity pins is one good solution for solve Venting Problem. and even most difficult to adjust by plastic injection moulding parameters. Mould design and making should make venting design even though when the part is very small.

It would be seemed as plastic mould developing defects. but in order to have successful plastic injection moulds, then how to avoid these kinds of air venting problems?

Modifications to the common core pin can be a simple solution

If you want to solve plastic mould air venting problem absolutely, then you need to do consider change plastic injection moulds design.

For examples, for a plastic crate mould, mostly the air venting would be occurred on plastic crate handle area, as this area is the last material filling area and two types material would melt in this area. If you do not have air venting function design on mould, this area on plastic crate would easily burned and broken.

So usually on crate moulds, this area would be design with inserts in blank, some time logo insets which would help for air to go outside.

This is only part solution to solve plastic mould air venting problem. We are professional in plastic injection moulds making, if you want to buy plastic injection moulds, pls feel free to contact with us.

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