Different of mould, mould & tooling?

What is different of mould, mould and tooling?

It is just the name say in different area and country for plastic injection mould. Mould is mostly use instead of plastic injection mould in oral English speaking in Euro. Mould for Asia,  and Tooling is popular in America.

What is mould?

Mould is the Tooling or Matrix which use for mass production in industry, by injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion, die casting or forging, smelting, stamping and so on.

Mould Design

Mould design is including DFM,  Mould Flow Analysis, 2D Mould Layout and 3D Mould Drawing. It is part lay out, part line making, gate design, runner design, gating way, ejection method, cooling layout, etc.

Mould Making

Mould making is based on mould design and purchase mould base, steel and component by machined by CNC, EDM, Lathe, Gun Drill and Milling etc., make mould fitting and mould trial in the end. To see the idea into real by mass production.

Mould Trial

Mould trial is the last processing to check if the work is making well. You will get the moulded part to inspection specification. Make decision if itt is ok or NG after mould trial.

Can I make a mould by myself?

It is impossible for a man, except you have a complete company. It is a system project. It is easy to make prototype part by SLS, SLA, CNC machining or 3D printer. Let’s the professional guy do professional work. We are glad to make plastic injection mould for you.

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