Different for prototype mould and production mould

Different for prototype mould and production mould

A prototype mould can produce the same type of parts as a production mould, but it is only warrantied for 10,000 parts due to its tooling materials. This is why the cost of a prototype mould is less than a production mould. It is less expensive, and it is warrantied for 10,000 parts, versus the lifetime warranty we provide on a production mould.

We can quickly build prototype mould by using S50C or P20 soft tool steel.

1. Prototype Mould Highlights

  • Fast Mould and Part Quote
  • Low Cost, Quick Build and Good Quality
  • Trouble-Free Part Modifications
  • No Size Limitations
  • Any Commercially Available Material and Surface Finish

2. Production Mould Highlights

  • Mass moulding production
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Online Project Management
  • No Modifications
  • Good Surface Finish and good quality

prototype mould 300x227 - Different for prototype mould and production mouldfamily mould01 300x227 - Different for prototype mould and production mould

Mould Design

Mould design is including DFM,  Mould Flow Analysis, 2D Mould Layout and 3D Mould Drawing. It is part lay out, part line making, gate design, runner design, gating way, ejection method, cooling layout, etc.

Mould Making

Mould making is based on mould design and purchase mould base, steel and component by machined by CNC, EDM, Lathe, Gun Drill and Milling etc., make mould fitting and mould trial in the end. To see the idea into real by mass production.

Mould Trial

Mould trial is the last processing to check if the work is making well. You will get the moulded part to inspection specification. Make decision if itt is ok or NG after mould trial.

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