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Manufacturer talks about the Jet Thruster

Holland Marine Parts in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, manufactures the Jet Thruster. Owner-manager Henry Kroeze and Marketing Manager Pieter Cats are the familiar faces of the company. The Jet Thruster is a unique system that uses water pressure to easily manoeuvre vessels. It finds its way from Dordrecht to customers all over the world.

The current Jet Thruster has a comparatively short history, contrary to Henry Kroeze's, who has over forty years' experience in metalworking and plastic processing. In addition he has vast experience as an entrepreneur in the maritime sector. In this capacity he supplies, among other things, motor components to shipbuilders at home and abroad. One of Kroeze's traits is that he never ever stops at half measures. He strives for perfection, and this was evident in the development of the Jet Thruster.

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