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Thank you come to Mold Making in China, here is the High polishing Clear PC Mold , which we have made, for customer from US, CA, Mexico, UK, Germany, Holland, Spain, Portugal, France, Iran, Irish and Australia etc., Pls know it is agree with custom to publish.

Project information:

It is very small project, but there are 12 pcs parts, with 2 diffierent color, orange and black.. It is family mould with switch sprue, so that it could molding one color part in one time. We offer Weekly Processing Report and Mold Trial Report.

The key for project is ultrasonic welding for two small part.

Part name: Clip, Plastic: ABS, Shrinkage: 1.005, Mold No.: MP150128, Cavidades: 12 x 1,Steel: H13 (48-52HRC)

Project process:

  • 3D mould drawing3D Mold Drawing
  • Moulded PartMoulded Photo
  • Molding ProductionMolded Part Photo