Plastic molding is the primary process for manufacturing plastic part.
MP could run the molding production from 30 ton to 1800 ton, and specialized in:

  • Variety of plastic resin
  • Two short molding
  • Clear part molding
  • Thin Wall Molding
  • Custom molding
  • Insert molding
  • Molding workshop Molding workshop

    The variety of plastic resin material is:

    General Grades:

    ABS, FR-ABS(Straex VE-0860T, GE FR15U, Chi Mei 757), PC(GE Lexan 925A, Makrolon6555,ChiMei PC122), PC+ABS, PMMA, PP, HIPS, PE(HDPE,MDPE,LDPE).

    Engineering Grades:

    PA12(Grilamid TR55), PA66(Dupont Zytel Rynite132F,KOPA KN333G30), TPE(GLS CL2242,),TPR,TPU, PPS(Fortron 0220A9 130A64), LCP(Ticona Vectra A700), PEEK(VICTREX 450G), PSU(UDEL P-1700), POM(Ticona Celcon M90), PVDF(Kynar 720, 740, Solef 6010), PET(Eastman Durastar MN631), PBT(Dupont Crastin 6130, LANXESS POCAN B 3235 901510).

    Satisfy Services:

    When you ask molding service in MP, you are not only get high quality molding part, but also get satify service from from plastic selected, free sample and good packing.

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