Mud mould

Product Details:

  • Product name: Mud Mould
  • Industries: Industrial
  • Mould Standard: DME
  • Steel: H13 48-52HRC
  • Cavities 1 x 1
  • Plastic: POM
  • Runner system: Cold
  • Cycle time: 45s
  • Gate: Direct
  • Dimensions: 300 X 300 X 330mm
  • Mould life: 500,000 shots
  • Lead time: 4 weeks

China mud mould design & making for 4 parts

The solution for mud mould making is consider to save cost. It could save cost for mould making, as it just use one mould base. It could save cost for moulding too, as it is easy and fast for change core and cavity for other part moulding.

  • mud-mould
  • mud-mould
  • mud-mould
  • mud-mould
  • mud-mould
  • Mud-moulded-partMud-moulded-partMud-moulded-partMud-moulded-part

    Required for Mud Mould

    • > Parts must be taken off automatic
    • > Partsshould be small
    • > Parts must be keep away of flash
    • > Parts must be filled full plastic

    Mud Mould Highlights

    • > Fast mould building
    • > Fast change cores & cavities during moulding
    • > Fast Packing
    • > Save cost for time and money

    Process for Mud Mould

    MP offer DFM after place order, and purchase material and making mould building once 2D mould layout is approved. And offer weekly report for Mud Mould making, so that you could know what the mould is real building process.

    Mud Mould for 5 parts