A Mould Project includes Design > Material Pucharse > Rough Machine > Precision Machine > Fitting >Surfach finish > Mould Trail > Pre-production moulding > Packing and Shipping

1) CAD Design(3-7 days)

  • *DFM(Design For Manufacturing-it is draft design with Mold Flow Analysis if custom require.
  • *2D Mould Layout will send to customer for approved(NG if not).Design gate and runner, parting line, draft analysis, cavities layout, ejector system, cooling system, venting, lifter or slider, and other component etc.
  • *3D Mould Design and NC programming.

2) Material Pucharse

Mould base and steel can be ordered once design is confirm, accessories especially hot runner system will take much longer time to to arrivte.

  • Draft analysisEngineering
  • 2D Mould Layout2D Mould Design
  • 3D Mold Drawing3D Mould Design
  • 3) Mould Processing and Weekly Report

    • *Rough machine-The steel need first to be sized, milling, drilling, lather are the main process way to get the rough shape or the cavity /core. Normally 0.15-0.3 mm steel left for precision machining later.
    • *Heat treatment-After rough machining, internal stress would be created during machining, do heat treatment to get certain hardness and internal balance, such as 1.2343 or H13, it usually need to be harden to HRC40+, some of the steel don't need it, like P20, 1.2312 etc.
    • *CNC precision machining-To get designed dimension, the CNC process of precision machining is much slower than rough machining.
    • *Wire cut and EDM is a process specially for holes (ejector pin holes, lifters, inserts), EDM is particularly for some of the area that can't not be machined by normal way, either too small to allow the cutting tool work properly, or it's too narrow to get there.
    • *Finish and fitting- it's a job rely heavily on experiences and skills, some of the part might need to be polished to fit. The core and cavity should be polishing for mould release, some time it need to make texture, high polish or engraving. Pls click here for more information of mould surface finish.

    4) Mould Trial

    Everything run as schedule. Time for mould trial now. Make sure moulded parts samples quantity, and plastic resin is right. mould trial report and video will send later. All of this procedure need to be track closely if you don't want to cause any delay on next step.

  • Mould FittingMould Fitting
  • Mould Trial SampleMould Trial Sample
  • Mould packingMould Packing
  • 5) Pre-production moulding, Packing and Shipping

    Congratulation! Mould trial is success and sample is approved. Pre-production moulding takes about 2 hours if require. Make sure it is using anti-rust spray during packing. Enjoy the great job!

    All of the injection moulds for export are delivered with 2D/3D design drawings, NC programming data contained in a CD. EDM copper, interchangeable inserts, wearing parts. This would help your company to do maintenance at your facility very easy as well as, such as modification on mould or wearing parts changing.