When you have a project to run, but you don't know what is the feedback of market and how many part you want. But you want the real resin to testing the all functions of the part. It is time to consider to building prototyping tooling or pre-production mold.

What is prototyping tooling and pre-production mold?

Prototyping tooling and pre-production mold is nearly the same mean. Prototyping tooling is only one single use in useually, but pre-production mold is usullay build one cavity first and make it as production mold later.

Why it is prototyping tooling or pre-production mold?

If you just want to make one single use mold or the estimate quantity is very low. It is better to building prototyping tooling. In other word, if the estimate quantity is high, it is better to building pre-production mold. It could process one cavity first, and building the rest cavity once sample approved testing.

Why building prototyping tooling not rapid prototyping?

It is up to function testing, plastic selected, surface fiinish and quantity require etc.

Why building pre-production mold before production mold?

Many OEMs choose to build pre-production molds to qualify the molded part, and then run several hundred or even several thousand pieces. Mould Precision Co., Ltd.. ( Shenzhen, China ) specializes in aluminum tooling for prototype, short and medium production runs. "Absolutely pre-production mold are worth the cost, says Ace Lu, Owner of Mould Precision Co., Ltd.". " If the OEM wants to qualify molded part designs and do their quality checks with all the inherent stresses of an actual molded part, or if they need to run several hundred pieces, or perform multiple design modifications, it's worth the cost of that extra step to do a pre-production mold."