Inverse mould

Product Details:

Product name: Inverse mould

Industries: Consumer

Mold base: DME

Steel: P20

Plastic: ABS

Runner system: Cold

Polishing: SPI A3

Dimensions: 250x250mm

Mold life: 500,000 shots

Lead time: 4 weeks

Packing: Plywood


Cold runner inverse mould, DME standard, P20 steel apply in Consumer industry

Mould Precision Co., Ltd is a high quality plastic injection mould manufacturer, with rich experience in inverse mould design and manufacturing, with competitive price and on time deliver.

Inverse mould is different than normal mould. The core and cavity is change the position. It is mean that core insert in A Plate, and Cavity insert in B plate. The ejector system also in cavity too. When the product need perfect visible surface, it is mean no Gate location, no ejector mark.