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Product Details:

  • Product name: Family Molds
  • Industries: Electronics
  • Mold base: LKM
  • Steel: H13
  • Plastic: ABS
  • Cavities: 1 + 1
  • Runner system: Cold
  • Cycle time: 70s
  • Tolerance: +/-0.02mm
  • Dimensions: 600 X 350 X 300mm
  • Mold life: 1 million shots
  • Lead time: 5 weeks
  • Packing: Plywood

Family Molds

A family mold has a single mold base but two or more different cavities, allowing for the production of two or more different parts.  

All the parts can either be produced simultaneously or shut-offs can be used to isolate production to selected cavities. For best results in molding, the parts should be similar in size, shape, resin, and anticipated volumes, especially if the intention is to run all parts at the same time.    

Automation may be necessary to separate the pieces during or after production. If mold cost is a driving factor and volumes are low, a family mold can provide cost savings and versatility.