Every successful productbegins with an idea. Here are a few steps to help guide you in the right direction while developing your product.

The process is How to develop a product?

1. Generate an idea.

a) prepare a comprehensive NDA (non-disclosure agreement) so the idea can be discussed openly with a business partner.MP/nda_confidentiality_agreement

2. Screen your idea.

  • a) who will benefit from this product?
  • b) what is the size of the target market?
  • c) consider expected competition.
  • d) what are the market trends.
  • e) is this product feasible to manufacture?
  • marwintse.com/contract_manufacturing 
  • f) can this product be profitable?

3. Develop your concept.

  • a) who is the target market?
  • b) what product features are needed to make it stand out among the competition?
  • c) what benefits will the product provide?.
  • d) how will consumers react to the product?
  • e) how will the product be manufactured most cost effectively?
  • f) prove feasibility through computer aided drawings (CAD) and prototyping. if drawings are not available, Marwin TSE can provide CAD assistance through freelance industrial designers. 
  • g) calculate the cost of production.

4. Business Analysis.

  • a) estimate selling price.
  • b) estimate sales volume based on market size.
  • c) estimate profitability and break-even point.
  • 5. Prototype and Market Testing.

    • a) produce a prototype of the product.
    • b) test the product (and packaging) in typical usage situations.
    • c) conduct customer interviews or introduce at trade fairs.
    • d) make adjustments where necessary.
    • e) produce trial run of the product and sell in a test market to determine acceptance.

Developing a product is a personal endeavor. A new product may represent a brand, an image or an entire company. It may be the outcome of years of research or simply an individual's concept to improve life. No matter where the product originates, the first step of development begins the same way, finding the right partner.

MP has undergone extensive audits regarding their manufacturing capabilities, management, quality standards and overall reliability.  Product development, plastic mould making, and custome plastic injection molding are our specialities.  

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