In addition to continuously improving our molding capabilities, Mould Precision Co., Ltd. has years of experience in proven advanced molding technologies:

Contract Manufacturing

Production of injection molded plastic parts; engineering, manufacturing, assembly; develop production processes; deliver your finished product to market.

Cold Runner Injection Molding

Best used for limited production runs, or when rapid change of production color is needed; molds cost less than Hot Runners; higher material costs; too costly for large production runs.

Hot Runner Injection Molding

Advanced manufacturing facilities; eliminates excess material in feed channels of a cold runner mold; reduces number of production steps; material cost savings; reduced energy costs.

Insulated Runner Injection Molding

Inexpensive alternative to traditional hot runner systems; insulated runner mold is not heated; runner channels are extremely thick and stay molten during continuous cycling.

Insert Molding

Specific design requires combining multiple materials into one finished part; plastic is molded directly over metal or plastic part; single piece assembly eliminates costly additional processes.

Over Molding

High production injection molds with multiple parting lines; produce multiple molded plastic parts more economically over large production runs; processes for complex specialty injection molds.


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