A successful product development needs Correct Part Design, Accurate Selection of Material, Mold Design and manufacture, and molding technology.

Product Design & Development

Part Design & Development Services Ltd offer a full product design and development service from concept, CAD, prototyping, tooling through to production.

Part Design

We offer a comprehensive design service tuned to client's requirements. This can involve designing a part or assembly to meet a required functionality, strength, cost and ease of manufacture. Utilising our suite of CAD and CAE software (stress analysis and mould filling simulation) along with many years experience we can help you design a successful product.

Part Development and Optimization

We can improve and develop an existing part, design or assembly to meet your requirements. This may involve weight reduction, strength improvement, reliability, cost or re-designing for ease of manufacture.

We also project manage the prototyping, injection mould tooling and production of client's components a part of the design and development service on offer.

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