Mould Flow

As a step in the process of shortening the lead time and avoid costly modifications due to poor design and execution, MP Mould is using MouldFlow Mould Advisor to simulate the plastic injection moulding process. In addition we conduct cooling analysis, and shrinkage & warpage analysis.

High fill pressure, short shots, high gate shear, poor cooling, long cycle times and distortion problems are quality decisive issues that can be highlighted and fixed before construction begins.

The software offers the mould designer the best reference solution to analyze the injection process before the mould is built, to determine what changes are needed and greatly reduce the tooling development lead time.

The 3D flow simulation includes:

  • Fill time
  • Injection pressure
  • Temperature analysis
  • Flow balancing
  • Gate and feed system design
  • Optimizing part geometry
  • Optimizing and refining wall thickness
  • Fiber analysis
  • Gas injection simulation

By utilizing filling analysis the processing characteristics of an injection mould can be investigated and optimized at the design stage. Improvements in part quality are achieved by:

  • Refining gate points
  • Repositioning of weld lines
  • Eliminating gas traps
  • Reducing in balancing pressure
  • Reducing stress levels


A mould cooling analysis is conducted to find the optimum cooling channel and layout, range for the mould surface temperature, and to simulate hot runners and inserts.

Shrinkage and warpage analysis reduces the risk of assembly problems due to inaccurate moulding. Warpage analysis is also very useful as an investigating tool for existing moulds, to find a practical solution to distortion problems.

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