Product Details:

  • Product name: Gear Mold
  • Industries: Industrial
  • Mold Standard: HASCO
  • Steel: P1.2714 38-42HRC
  • Cavities 1 x 1
  • Plastic: POM
  • Runner system: Cold
  • Cycle time: 35s
  • Gate: direct gate
  • Dimensions: 350 X 350 X 300mm
  • Mold life: 500,000 shots
  • Lead time: 5 weeks

Gear Mold Making in China, Two plate mold making with 1 set exchange core and cavity

Many product needs gear for moving function. There are lots of gear. Molded plastic gears have very little in common with machined gears other than the fact that both use the involute for conjugate action. The differences are quite fundamental. Machined gears are cut to size with specialized machinery designed specifically for the task. Molded gears are formed in gear cavities that are usually cut with wire Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM). These cavities are sized so that the molded gear will shrink to the proper size after molding. One cavity might be expected to form more than a million molded gears.

The gear mold is charged with the task of making one nearly perfect gear cavity and then processing each gear from that cavity within tolerance for every piece made. This is small but significant difference leads to many other variations.

geargeargeargear exchange insert

Gear Mold Design

  • > Parts must be cut runner in automatic
  • > Parts must be keep away of flash
  • > Parts must be filled full plastic
  • > Parts must be require within tolerance

Gear Mold Machine

  • > Gears require mold processing that is exact and repeatable
  • > Virgin resin is used for high accuracy gears.
  • > Injection pressures must be established precisely
  • > The interaction of the mold tool and process control must also be taken into account

Gear Mold making in MP

MP offer DFM after place order, and purchase material and making mold building once 2D mold layout is approved. And offer weekly report for Basket Mold making, so that you could know what the mold is real building process.