How to get high quality plastic injection mould with low priceat is the cost of mould making?

Post by Luis Lu 2016.04.27

Every one like high quality product, but first you need high quality mould. The custom also likes high quality mould with low price too. How can I get it?

The first impression is that the big factory must have high quality, just need to pay much more money. It is not any more, takes 3 minutes here so that you can’t get the low price with high quality.

As we know, the key to get high quality mould is Mould Design, Material Selection, Mould Machining, Mould Trial etc.

1. Mould Design

The mould design is first important. Likes building house, the structure and function is very importance, the cavity is like the room, it is need to design runner, cool system, venting and ejector, lifter and slider moving mechanical system, like the room, electronic, water, gas etc. too. The key for mould design is experience, rich experience is most important.

2. Material Selection

Purchasing steel is after finish design before machining. Steel is like brick and cement for house. It must be the good one. It is better come from famous factory with certification. S136, H13, NAK80 or 1.2344 etc., it is up to project require, such as mould life, 0.5 million or 1 million, and plastic property.  It should be stainless steel like 420 for PVC, as it is corrosivity. Select the right steel which could check certification.

3. Mould Machining

Mould machining has rough machine and precise machine. Rough machine like the roughcast house. You could see what it is but you can’t live in it. It needs EDM machining, Wire-cut, Mould fitting and Polishing, just like make the house correct and smooth. Maybe it needs texture like brick paving and painting.

4. Mould Trial

Mould trial is not only test moulding product, but also for mould quality. The moulding product is what we really want. The mould making is finished, of course you could live in house.

In a word, the key for high quality mould is control and check every step during mould making, from mould design to mould trial. Every step is division now, not only for texture before. For big factory, they also outsource some CNC machining, EDM machining and polishing too. Some of them outsource simple mould making directly. Why not give the job to small mould supplier directly by yourself? Like us, MP is a small mould factory, focus on high quality mould making with low price.

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