Getting the moldmaker involved early?

Post by Ace Lu 2016.06.12

When MP asked our customers what was needed to help them be more competitive in today is demanding manufacturing environment, the typical response was: help us manufacture the highest quality parts in the shortest possible lead times and reduce the investment. So it is better to involved with us early.

3D-Mold-Design mould-makingmold-manufacturing

1. The time you save, the success you get.

It is better to involved us early, if you want to delevop new product, for market feedback, or hurry for exhibition. It takes much time not for engineering, like structure design, manufacturing analysis, material selected, prototping etc. It is not only takes time for engineering, but also for mold building, molding production, packing and shipping etc. The time you save, the success you get.

2. The key is not only mold building, but also all whole project development?

Tom Li, believes that early involvement with the moldmaker is key to the success of any program." We are an extension of our customers' R&D operations,"he states. "Our early involvement helps customers reduce their product launch time."

It doesn't matter how great your part design is if it can't be molded. Your first step should be to take your concept model (3D computer model or prints or an SLA model) and sit down with your mold maker is engineering team and get input on the part design. Can you really do what you think you want to do in manufacturing this part?

Is this part moldable? If so, what type of molding process is optimum? Injection molding or thermoforming? Blow-molded or rotationally molded? Are there design issues that would make this part more ideal for one process than another? Are there design issues that will increase the cost of the mold? Can those design issues be resolved in some way to reduce the cost of the mold?

3. Why we can save your time?

A mold maker is not only limited in mold building, they should have acknowledge of part design, prototyping method, mold design, mold building, injection molding and secondary operation like painting etc. Said by Tom Li, engineer of Mould Precision Co., Ltd. Every little thing takes time, it maybe stop in any of step. And it will waste much time. It is not solve in engineer analysis, but need to solve in manufacturing. Save time and promise quality is what we are doing.

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